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North Carolina Golf Packages. Travelers have known about the riches of North Carolina’s mountains for more than a century. Lowlanders traveled to the mountains for golf vacations to escape the summertime heat long before golf came to America. When the game did blossom, it didn’t take long for the mountain area to embrace it.

Come enjoy panoramic views from elevated tees, the challenge of golf holes that run uphill, downhill, and side hill, and putting on greens that are sometimes etched around mountain streams and lakes. It’s the variety of play that Smoky Mountain golf packages offers which enables players to hit their first 300 yard drive or make a sweeping 20 foot putt for birdie.

The mountain region starts in the extreme western north carolina corner beside the Tennessee and Georgia borders and runs eastward through the city of Asheville and into the northwest corner of the state. Asheville is a short 2 hour drive from Knoxville, 3 hours from Atlanta, or 4 hours from Pinehurst and the sand hills region.

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